Will There Be An Accel World Season 2? ( Best Information 2021)

Accel World season 2 is not going to happen unless the anime made a profit. And there is enough source material left for the second season. So if there was no profit or material left, then one season, a movie, and two EX OVAs are all the Accel World fans will have.

That’s why, in this article, we will look at the source material left for the second season. And if the Accel World anime adaptation by Sunrise made enough money and profit. That will tell us if Accel World season 2 will happen and a possible release date for it.

Because Accel World season 2 episode 1 is something that many fans have been waiting for since 2012. And this short but in-depth post will make it clear. After reading this page, you will know whether there will be a second season of Accel World.

Accel World Season 2 - Source Material

Is There Material for Accel World Season 2?

For the Accel World anime, the source material is a light novel. And here is all the information that we need for Accel World Season 2.

It will tell us if there is enough source material for a second season. It’s important because it could prevent the sequel and the release date from happening.

  • Is the Accel World light novel finished? The Accel World light novel is still ongoing. The author, Kawahara Reki (SAO), released the latest volume on September 10, 2020.
  • How many Accel World light novels are there? In Japan, Accel World has 25 light novel volumes published. There was also a manga for this series. It ended years ago with volume eight, and it was only a retelling of the anime story.
  • How often does the Accel World light novel come out? From 2017 to 2020, the author released only one new volume per year. The release speed used to be two to three books per year, but it slowed down to one.
  • Where to start the Accel World light novel after the anime? The first season of the Accel World anime, by studio Sunrise, used volumes 1 to 4 and 10. The Infinite Burst movie used later material from volume 19, and the two EX OVAs are anime originals. So volume 5 continues from where the anime ended.
  • How many copies are in print? As of 06/2020, the Accel World light novel had 5.700.000 copies in print. That puts it within the top 40 best-selling light novels of all time.

The Accel World light novels by Dengeki Bunko are still getting published. The story has not ended yet, and volume 5 picks up where the anime left off. So there are no problems other than the slow release speed.

There are 19 light novels available for Accel World Season 2. That’s more books left to adapt for Accel World Season 2 than for sequels like Re:Zero Season 3 or No Game No Life Season 2. As a result, the source material will not be a problem.

SUMMARY: There is enough content for at least three more seasons. So, there is more than enough material for Accel World Season 2.

Accel World Sason 2 - Money And Profit

How Much Money Did Accel World Make?

We need to check if the Accel World anime adaptation was profitable and how much money the series made. If the anime failed to make a good profit, there would be no second season and no release date.

We will look at Blu-Ray sales, light novel sales, and merchandise numbers. There is also the Infinite Burst movie box office and video games.

That will tell us enough. After that, we will know if the anime made enough money and profit for Accel World Season 2.

  • How many Blu-Rays did the Accel World anime sell? Accel World sold around 9,000 copies per Blu-Ray in Japan. This anime series also got a BD-Box that sold 1,550 copies. The Blu-Ray made plenty of money and a significant profit.
  • How many copies do the Accel World light novels sell? Volume 24 sold around 55,000 copies in Japan, and volume 25 sold about 45,000. Any light novel series that sells 50,000 copies per volume makes good money.
  • How many figurines are there for the Accel World series? There are 100 figurines available. 70% of them are for Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus. The rest are Silver Crow, Chiyuri, and Scarlet Rain. Accel World made a lot of money from figurines.
  • How much merchandise did Accel World get? About 230 items are available. That is a low number for such an old series. I expected to see at least 500, but even 230 means Accel World made some money from the merchandise.
  • What is the Accel World Infinite Burst movie box-office? The box office for the Infinite Burst movie was 115,000,000 yen. That’s one million dollars. The film also sold about 7,000 Blu-Ray copies in Japan. Although Blu-ray sales are strong, the revenue from the box office is disappointing.
  • How many copies did the Accel World video games sell? The first game sold 30,000 copies. The second Accel World game sold 20,000 copies. There was also the Accel World x Sword Art Online crossover game, which sold 80,000 copies. The money and profit were solid from the video games.

The Accel World Blu-Ray and video games have sold well. The light novels are still selling well, and there is a good number of merchandise and figurines. So the anime adaptation made a lot of money and profit for Kadokawa and the production committee.

I’m not going to share the rest because they usually don’t make a lot of money.

But there are also other ways the Accel World anime made money. The ending and opening songs, the soundtrack, and overseas anime television series rights. There’s also Hulu and Crunchyroll streaming, Yen Press English books, and more.

Also, if you are curious, I have collected the same information for plenty of other anime sequels. Like Noragami Season 3, Kenja No Mago Season 2, One Punch Man Season 3, and Goblin Slayer Season 2.

SUMMARY: Accel World made more than enough money to get a second season. So this series was an anime adaptation that made a lot of profit.

Will There Be an Accel World Season 2

Will There Be an Accel World Season 2

We now know that the lack of source material or profit isn’t why Accel World season 2 hasn’t happened yet. This series has plenty of source material left, and it made a lot of money.

So why is there no season 2 of Accel World?

There are two main reasons why we have yet to see an announcement or release date for Accel World season 2. These are Sword Art Online and Studio Sunrise.

The main reason is that Studio Sunrise that did the first season found a golden goose. After the first season of Accel World, they made a popular series called Love Live! School Idol Project. With that franchise, they struck gold and ditched Accel World Season 2.

That’s why they made the movie Infinite Burst instead of Season 2. So no, Infinite Burst is not a sequel to the anime. Instead, it’s a half recap, with the second half being a cannon to the story. Sunrise didn’t want to waste more time on this franchise.

The second reason is that the author did the same thing. Reki Kawahara focused more on Sword Art Online after it skyrocketed in popularity. So, Accel World was no longer a top priority. He is the creator of both, and he went after the more profitable series. 

According to Google trends and MyAnimeList, this series has many fans. So it’s sad it ended up like this. But, the author is famous in Japan, and if he asked Kadokawa for a season 2, Accel World would most likely get it.

So the chances of a second season are not 0%, but it’s close to that, so Accel World Season 2 will most likely never happen.

The 10th anniversary of the anime will be next year. That’s the perfect time for ASCII Media Works to confirm a second season. So, if there is no news about a second season release date in 2022, it will never happen.

I will update this post in 2022, and we will see. You can also check the official Accel World Twitter account. Or the official website for updates.

CONCLUSION: If there is no news about the Accel World Season 2 release date or announcement in 2022, it will never happen. In that case, read the English light novels translated by Yen Press.

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