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Will There Be Accel World Season 2? + Release Date (Updated)

So far, there has been no official announcement for Accel World Season 2, so we don’t have a release date for the second season of this anime. Will there be a Accel World Season 2, and when can we expect its release?

Here’s everything we know so far regarding whether or not there will be a new season of Accel World and when it will be released.

The anime series Accel World, known as アクセル・ワールド in Japanese, is based on a popular science-fiction light novel of the same name that was first published in 2009. The Accel World light novel series is written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HiMA.

Accel World is a great action sci-fi anime series with VR elements loved by people worldwide. The story follows Haruyuki Arita, a student who one day gets invited to this virtual world called the Accelerated World by Kuroyukihime. She wants to get to level 10 in the game to find out who created the game called Brain Burst.

Accel World has only had one season, 2 EX OVA, and a movie Infinite Burst so far, all directed by Masakazu Obara and animated by Studio Sunrise. There has been no word on whether the studio director will return for Accel World s2.

The first 24 episodes of the Accel World television anime series premiered in Japan in April 2012. Since then, this series has amassed a significant following that is still waiting for Accel World Season 2 Episode 1 or some sort of sequel.

By reading this article, you will have a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the status of Accel World Season 2 and its potential release date.

Accel World Anime Key Visual

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Will There Be Accel World Season 2?

Accel World Season 2 will likely never happen. While the Accel World anime adaptation made enough money to get a new season, it didn’t get a second season because of studio Sunrise and the author. That is why this anime never got more seasons.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe Season 2 of Accel World will not happen anymore. After I explain the reasons, we will look at what exactly happened with the studio and the author and if there is any hope left for a sequel.

(1) The author is not interesting that much in this series anymore.

The Accel World light novel series used to put out 2-4 new books every year, but now it’s slowed down a lot. In 2021, we didn’t even get a new volume. And over the last six years, only five new books have come out. For now the series is still ongoing, but it will end soon.

If you’re a fan of the anime and want to know what happens next, I highly recommend checking out the Accel World light novels. You should start with Accel World Light Novel volume 5, since that’s where the first season of the anime leaves off.

(2) The Accel World anime doesn’t make money anymore.

For the past five years, there is almost no new merchandise, and no new figurines released for the series. Accel World used to make good money, but that was in 2012-2018. There are a lot of great Kuroyukihime figures that were made.

The first season made good money, but that’s all the in the past. The Blu-ray sold almost 9,000 copies per volume, Accel World light novels sold more than 5,7 million copies, and there used to be a decent number of Accel World merchandise.

{3) The franchise lost most of the popularity it gained from the anime.

The official Accel World Twitter account has only 60,000 followers, and loosing every month some. Twitter doesn’t post, the website is not updated, and there is no new merch anymore. Also, as you can see in this Google Trends image, the franchise is at rock bottom.

Accel World Popularity Graph

In summary, everything hints that this series is over, at least in the anime format. Now let’s look at if there is any chance left that we will one day get the release date. Can the author and studio problems be solved?

Will There Be Accel World Season 2

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Accel World Season 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Accel World Season 2. The second season was never confirmed, canceled, or announced, so there is no countdown either. The reasons why a release date for the second season is never going to be announced are explained above.

Accel World is one of the anime sequels where there is a little chance that a new season and release date will happen one day. There is a 90% chance that season 2 will never happen, but 10% is because this series sold decently, and the author is super famous in Japan because of Sword Art Online.

Still, it’s been ten years since the first season. I have a hard time imagining this series getting another season. It recently had its 10th anniversary, and there was no news about a new Accel World anime project.

I will update this post if there is any news by some miracle for a new Accel World anime project on the Accel World official Twitter account. If you’ve given up hope that a new Accel World season will ever be produced, you can begin reading the light novel from volume 5.

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Accel World Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Accel World Season 2 or Season 3, but I will update this post if ever one becomes available. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a trailer for the movie Accel World: Infinite Burst.

You should watch the Accel World: Infinite Burst movie. It’s a fun canon movie in the main AW series, even if half is a recap and the other half adapts parts of what would be Accel World Season 3. It’s a sequel, but the continuation is not after season 2.

YouTube video

Where Can You Watch Accel World?

You can watch the Accel World anime series, at least season one on Crunchyroll Hulu, or even Amazon Prime Video. Dub and Sub are available on those streaming platforms. Currently, it’s not available to watch on Netflix or Disney Plus.

Last Thoughts on Accel World Season 2

Season 2 would take the story forward and will cover more of the light novel series and continue the main character’s quest. Many anime fans would rejoice if Accel World anime season 2 were to be announced, but this will never happen.

Accel World will never get another season. If you want to continue the story of Accel World, I suggest reading light novels. I would love for this anime to have another season, It’s one of my favorite series, but the facts are telling me it won’t happen.

This article will be updated if new information becomes available. For the time being, feel free to check other anime sequels from the list below. Also, share this post with other Accel World fans.

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