Will There Be Black Bullet Season 2? (Best Information for 2021)

Black Bullet season 2 will not happen unless the anime made a profit and there is enough source material for a second season left. So if there was no profit or material left, then one season is all Black Bullet will have.

So, in this article, we will look at the source material left for the second season. And the profit that the Black Bullet anime adaptation made. That will tell us if Black Bullet season 2 will happen and the possible release date.

Black Bullet season 2 episode 1 is something many fans have been waiting for since 2014. And after reading this short but in-depth post, it will be clear to people if there will be a Black Bullet season 2 and the release date.

Source Material Information

Is There Material for Black Bullet Season 2?

For the Black Bullet anime, the source material is a light novel. And here is all the information that we need for Black Bullet Season 2.

It will tell us if there is enough source material for a second season. It’s important because that could prevent the sequel and the release date from happening.

Is the Black Bullet light novel finished?

The Black Bullet novel is still ongoing. The author, Shiden Kanzaki, released the latest volume on April 10, 2014.

How many Black Bullet light novels are there?

In Japan, Black Bullet has seven light novel volumes published. Black Bullet had a manga series as well. The manga already ended with volume four and was a retelling of the anime

How often does the Black Bullet light novel come out?

In the past seven years, the author released no new volumes in Japan. The release speed used to be two books every year. But in 2014, new light novel volumes completely stopped.

Where to start the Black Bullet light novel after the anime?

The first season of the Black Bullet anime, by studios Orange and Kinema Citrus, used volumes 1 to 4.

How many copies are in print?

As of 07/2014, the Black Bullet light novel had 950.000 copies in print. That puts it outside the top 200 best-selling light novels of all time.

The Black Bullet light novels by Dengeki Bunko are not getting published anymore. The story has not ended yet, and volume 5 picks up where the anime left off. So that’s a big problem for a sequel to this series.

There are three light novels available for Black Bullet Season 2. That’s fewer books left to adapt for Black Bullet Season 2 than for sequels like Re:Zero Season 3 or No Game No Life Season 2. As a result, the source material will be a problem.

SUMMARY: Black Bullet Season 2 will have a shortage of source material. There’s not enough for even more season.

Sales And Profit Information

How Much Money Did Black Bullet Make?

We need to check if the Black Bullet anime adaptation was profitable and how well the series is doing in sales. If the anime failed to make a good profit, there would be no second season and no release date.

We will look at Blu-Ray sales, light novel sales, and merchandise numbers.

That will tell us enough. After that, we will know if the anime made enough profit for Black Bullet Season 2.

How many Blu-Rays did the Black Bullet anime sell?

Black Bullet sold around 2,500 copies per Blu-Ray in Japan. This anime series also got a BD-Box that sold 350 copies. That’s a low number for 2014 for a sequel chance.

How many copies do the Black Bullet light novels sell?

Volume 6 sold around 33,000 copies in Japan, and volume 7 sold about 36,000. Selling 35,000 copies per volume is excellent. I’m shocked because I didn’t expect this series to do this well.

How many figurines are there for the Black Bullet series?

Nine figurines are available for Black Bullet. Fifty percent of them are for Enju. Then there are 3 for Tina and one for Kisara and Rentarou. Black Bullet isn’t doing well in figurine numbers. There should be at least 20 to 30 figurines after seven years.

How much merchandise did Black Bullet get?

About 80 to 100 items are available. A successful anime adaptation should also get at least 200 to 300 pieces of merchandise. And Black Bullet didn’t get anywhere near that.

Where does Black Bullet Stream?

The international rights to this series went to Crunchyroll. Black Bullet also streamed on Sentai and some other platforms. Streaming wasn’t big in 2014, so Black Bullet didn’t make much money from that.

How well is the Black Bullet manga adaptation doing?

There is also a manga adaptation for this series, but it already ended. And I can’t find numbers of how the manga sold. So most likely, the manga wasn’t too successful.

Black Bullet’s Blu-Ray sales are not great. The light novels did get a decent boost from the anime. But, that doesn’t matter if there were 0 new volumes after 2014. And there is a low amount of merchandise and figurines. So the anime adaptation made a profit for Kadokawa and the production committee.

I’m not going to share the rest because they usually don’t make a lot of money.

But there are also other ways the Black Bullet anime made money. The soundtrack, ending and opening songs, online radio, and more.

Also, if you are curious, I have collected the same information for plenty of other anime sequels. Like Noragami Season 3Classroom of The Elite Season 2One Punch Man Season 3, and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2.

SUMMARY: Sales and profit will be a big problem for Black Bullet Season 2. Black Bullet didn’t make a lot of profit from the anime adaptation.

Will There Be Black Bullet Season 2

Black Bullet Season 2 is not going to happen. The chances of a sequel to the Black Bullet anime are even lover than Accel World Season 2. The first season of the anime is all this franchise will ever get. I can’t see why the production committee would pay for another season.

Black Bullet didn’t make much money, and the author doesn’t care anymore.

There is also nothing to promote for the publisher or active fanbase for this franchise. So it would be a waste of money doing another season for this anime. There are plenty of other authors that could use an anime adaptation of their works.

Usually, I would say read the source material to continue the story, but in this case, I won’t.

I don’t believe this series will ever get an ending. It’s been seven years since the last light novel volume got published. And so far, the author didn’t say a word about getting back to writing. There is a good chance that this series will get canceled.

Conclusion Black Bullet Season 2 is never happening. The author is not planning to continue the story from the looks of it. And even if he returned, I doubt the passion is still there for this series after seven years of not caring. So, in other words, please don’t bother with this series because it will never conclude.

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