Will There Be Hundred Season 2? (Updated In 2022)

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So far, Hundred Season 2 has not been officially announced, so there is no release date for the second season of this anime, but the question is if there will be a Hundred Season 2 and when it will be released.

Here’s everything we know so far regarding whether or not there will be a new season of Hundred and when it will be released.

The anime series Hundred, known as Handoreddo in Japanese, is based on a popular light novel of the same name that was first published in 2012. The Hundred light novel series is written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nekosuke Ōkuma.

Hundred is a great mecha-harem anime series with action elements loved by people worldwide, which follows Hayato Kisaragi, a teenager who has the highest compatibility level with the technology known as Hundred and as a result, is invited to master his skills at a prestigious military academy aboard a battleship.

The anime television series Hundred has only had one season so far directed by Tomoki Kobayashi and animated by Studio Production IMS. There has been no word on whether or not the director will return for Hundred s2.

The first 12-episode Hundred television anime series premiered in Japan in April 2016. Since then, this series has amassed a sizable fan base that is still waiting for Hundred Season 2 Episode 1 or some sort of sequel.

Hundred Season 2

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Will there be Hundred Season 2?

Hundred Season 2 will never happen. Unfortunately, the Hundred anime was not a financially successful adaptation. That is why the second season of this anime was never planned, and the studio that animated it closed down in 2018. Furthermore, the series concluded in 2018, thus there is nothing to advertise anymore.

The Hundred anime failed to make a profit. The average number of Blu-Ray sales is roughly 1,350, which is low, and there is no merchandise and just one figure manufactured for this series. Also, the latest volume of the light novel sold only approximately 5,000 copies, and that was after the anime adaptation, so I don’t believe there’s any chance for Hundred season 2.

In addition, the company that animated this series, Production IMS, declared bankruptcy in 2018. Volume 16 also marked the end of the light novels. As a result, there is no reason why the production committee would ever agree to fund another season of this series.

Will there be Hundred Season 2

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Hundred Season 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Hundred Season 2 because a second season was never confirmed, canceled, or announced, so there is no countdown, and a release date is never going to be announced because a second season will never get announced.

This is one of the anime sequels where I can confidently state that a new season and release date will never be announced. There are simply too many factors working against this series to ever recieve additional anime projects. Even Twitter and the official websites haven’t been updated in the last four years.

We will update this post if there is any news or a release date by some miracle for a new Hundred anime project on the Hundred official Twitter account. If you’ve given up hope that a new Hundred season will ever be produced, you can begin reading the light novel from volume 5 because the anime only covered volumes 1 through 4.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date

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Hundred Characters, Cast & Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
EmileRumi Ookubo (Munou na Nana)
ClaireMao Ichimichi (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken)
SakuraMayu Yoshioka (Cop Craft)
KarenKaya Okuno (Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou)
HayatoYoshiaki Hasegawa (Vinland Saga)
CharlotteYui Horie (Zoku Owarimonogatari)
MiharuYuna Yoshino (Just Because!)

II. Staff

DirectorTomoki Kobayashi (Akame ga Kill!, Bokutachi no Remake)
Series Composition, ScriptHideki Shirane (Date A Live, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II)
Character DesignKie Tanaka (Hinomaruzumou, Puraore! Pride of Orange)
StudioProduction IMS (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

Where Can You Watch Hundred?

You can watch the Hundred anime series on Funimation, Crunchyroll, or even Amazon Prime Video. Currently, it’s not available to watch on Netflix or Hulu.

Hundred Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Hundred Season 2 or Season 3, but we will update this page if ever one becomes available. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a trailer for the first season with an English dub.


Last Thoughts on Hundred Season 2

Many anime fans would rejoice if Hundred anime Season 2 were to be announced, but this will never happen. If you want to continue the story of Hundred, I suggest reading the light novels because a second season will never happen.

This article will be updated if new information becomes available. For the time being, feel free to check other anime sequels, or simply share this post with other Hundred fans.