The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date, Coming Out Soon?

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The Faraway Paladin Season 2 will continue the story of Will, and it’s officially confirmed. So a new season is coming soon, so fans can look forward to the next season of this anime.

With one season, The Faraway Paladin is already enough popular anime series to get a sequel announced so fast. They did plan it before the first season even finished, but it is still great news for fans.

When is The Faraway Paladin Season 2 coming out? What will the plot of the new season of The Faraway Paladin be? These are questions we will answer about the next season in this post.

You will learn when The Faraway Paladin Season 2 will be released, what light novel volumes will the 2nd season use and everything else you need to know about the second season.

So, if you want to learn more about The Faraway Paladin anime season 2, continue reading.

When Is Season 2 Of The Faraway Paladin Coming Out

When Is Season 2 Of The Faraway Paladin Coming Out?

We must look at two factors to determine The Faraway Paladin season 2 release date. You will learn more about the source material for s2 as well. Also, how well this anime series did.

The first factor is source material. The first season’s profit and money is the second factor.

Now let’s quickly look at both. Let’s find out when The Faraway Paladin anime season 2 is coming out. And if The Faraway Paladin season 3 will follow.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Light Novel & Manga

For The Faraway Paladin anime, the source material is a light novel. As of December 2022, there are four volumes of The Faraway Paladin. There is also a manga adaptation that has teen books.

Kanata Yanagino, the author, published the latest volume in Japan on September 25, 2017.

If you are wondering where is volume 5 of The Faraway Paladin, then I got some bad news. The light novel has been on hiatus since 2017.

However, The Faraway Paladin light novel is not finished yet. The author said in early 2021 that he plans to continue the web novel and release volume 5 after that.

So, The Faraway Paladin light novel is ongoing, and the ending is still far away. Hopefully, we will see volume 5 released in 2023.

So far, the first season of The Faraway Paladin anime used volumes 1 and 2. Volumes 3, 3,5, and 4 are what season 2 will adapt.

So no material for season 3 anytime soon.

Want to continue the story of Will? Take a look at The Faraway Paladin light novel Volume 3 in English.

The anime really didn’t do justice to this series, so I recommend everyone to check out The Faraway Paladin light novel if you liked the story. Or you can try the manga.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Key Visual One

The Faraway Paladin Profitability And Sales Figures

The Faraway Paladin Blu-ray sold only around 300 to 500 copies per volume. It never even ranked in the top 20 on Oricon. That’s a low number. Blu-ray sales below 1,000 are pretty bad.

They aren’t as significant anymore because of streaming, but they help if anime wants additional seasons.

The last light novel volume from 2017, volume 4 of The Faraway Paladin, sold less than 5,000 copies. It’s around 5 to 10k for a series that doesn’t have an anime adaptation.

No new volumes since then, so hard to tell how much the anime helped. We need to wait for volume 5 to see if there was any boost.

The latest manga volume also sold poorly and didn’t even rank on Oricon. It sold fewer than 20,000 copies. There is also no official number of copies in print, but it is likely around 300,000.

Looking at merchandise for The Faraway Paladin is also depressing. The last time I checked, the number was 0. There was not even one piece of merch or figurine for this series.

One year later, there are 20 goods, all of them are from the same brand. The last piece of merch is from May 2022. This series never got even a single figure.

Such a low number is rare. The numbers also show that The Faraway Paladin anime adaptation was a flop. That’s why I said they planned the second season even before the first season ended.

A second season wouldn’t happen otherwise.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date

As of December 2022, The Faraway Paladin Season 2 doesn’t have a release date, even if it is confirmed. However, the release date for the second season of The Faraway Paladin is likely to be in 2023.

The second season is not coming out anytime soon, likely in the second half of 2023.

If The Faraway Paladin season 2 release date was anytime soon, we should already have a trailer. Trailers are released 3 to 9 months before a new season of anime premiers.

Also, Saihate No Paladin season 2 Episode 1 release date should have been in 2022, but I believe it’s coming out so late because of the state of China.

The studio behind this series, Children’s Playground Entertainment, is outsourcing a lot to China.

Likely Overlap, the publisher, even regrets announcing the second season. I don’t think it won’t come out, but even that is an option. So I wouldn’t say 100% that The Faraway Paladin will have a season 2.

In the next few months, we should find out more about the release date of the second season of The Faraway Paladin. I’ll update this post if there is new information on the official Twitter account.

Also, don’t expect a third season of The Faraway Paladin since it would take a miracle. There is no source material for it, and there is no reason to produce it.

Hopefully, this article was helpful. Check out the release dates for sequels like Demon Slayer Season 3, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, and even One Punch Man Season 3.

The Faraway Paladin Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
William G. MarybloodMaki Kawase
MaryYui Horie
BloodKatsuyuki Konishi
AugustusNobuo Tobita
GracefeelAoi Yuuki
StagnateHiroki Takahashi

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorYuu Nobuta
Series Composition, ScriptTatsuya Takahashi
Character DesignKouji Haneda
StudioChildren’s Playground Entertainment

Last Thoughts

In summary, The Faraway Paladin will have a season 2, but the second season will come out likely in second half of 2023.

We should learn more about Saihate No Paladin season 2 Episode 1 release date in the next few months.

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