Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2? (Best Information 2020)

Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens was a pretty thrilling anime series, so why is there no news about season 2 even after so many years?

Is there any hope left that the rest of the story will get adapted?

Should you give up and read the source material if you want to know how the story of Harutora and Natsume continues?

If you are a fan and want to know the answer to any of those questions, then keep reading because you will get them in this article. I spend a lot of time examining what happened to Tokyo Ravens Season 2, so everything you will learn is backed up by reliable data, and the latest information that is available in 2020.

Here is some of the information you will get from this article:

  • Is there Tokyo Ravens Season 2 release date
  • How to determine chances of another season for Tokyo Ravens
  • Source Material Information
  • Sales Information
  • Popularity Information
  • Why there is no Tokyo Ravens Season 2 so far
  • Will there be Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Is There Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date?

Is There Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Toyko Ravens Season 2 was never officially announced, so there is no official release date for this anime in 2020. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a second season of Tokyo Ravens because that depends on a few factors that this article will answer.

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Possibility of Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Possibility of Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens season 2 chances depend on a three essential factors, and those are source the light novels status, sales, and popularity. It’s like this for most anime series that need another season.

Well, there can be other factors as well, but we need first to check out these three since they are the reason why 90% of anime end just after the first season. Here is a short explanation about each of them and why they make or break a sequel.

Why is the source material necessary

This one is important because most anime are just using existing source material like manga or light novels. In the case of Tokyo Ravens, it’s the light novels. For example, if there is nothing left to adapt in the Tokyo Ravens light novels or it’s close to ending, then it makes sense not to make a season 2.

Why are the sales and profit important

Two cour anime isn’t cheap to make since series like Tokyo Ravens can cost up to 5 million to produce and years to plan. And it’s not enough to make 5 million back because the production committee would like to see some profit before thinking about doing more.

Why is enough popularity critical for a sequel

There is usually no point in making another season of anime that won’t get more popular or have already enough large fan-base to be profitable. Some anime can get sequel green-lit even with small, but dedicated fan-base that will buy a lot, but is Tokyo Ravens one of them?

Now let’s quickly look at each of these factors, and we should get a clear picture of why there is no sequel even after so many years. And depending on that reason, we can determine what the chances of Tokyo Ravens season 2 are.

Source Material Information

Source Material Information

Ongoing series always have a better chance of receiving a sequel, so we need to check if the story is completed or the light novels are still being released. Another critical factor is how many volumes got used by the first season of the anime.

How many volumes of Tokyo Ravens are there?

There are currently 16 light novel volumes of Tokyo Ravens released in Japan. Tokyo Ravens also has six manga series based on the light novels. The first manga series has eight books published, but it’s just retelling the original story in manga format, and the rest are a spin-off series.

Is Tokyo Ravens still ongoing?

The Tokyo Ravens light novels are still ongoing. The latest volume by the author Kōhei Azano (Black Blood Brothers) was published in Japan on October 20, 2018. The author wrote only one book in 2017 and 1 in 2018. And for 2019, there was no new volume released.

Which light novels does the anime of Tokyo Ravens cover?

The anime of Tokyo Ravens that aired in 2014 adapted volumes 1-9. That means light novel volume 10 continues after anime. So that gives us seven books that can get used for Tokyo Ravens season 2.

Conclusion for Source Material: The first season of Tokyo Ravens used nine volumes, but that was too much, and the anime skipped a lot. The average number for two cour series to adapt is around 4 to 6 light novel volumes. That means there is more than enough material for another season.

Sales & Profit Information

Sales & Profit Information

From all the three factors, profit is the most critical one in the decision if a sequel will get announced. Nobody will pour more money into a project that failed to make decent money back. So let’s look at how well did Tokyo Ravens do in terms of profit.

Tokyo Ravens Blu-Ray sales

The sales are not that bad for Tokyo Ravens, but they are not in the sequel territory. Most anime series that sell around 2,000 have a low chance of getting a continuation. Not to mention that it was in 2014 when the Blu-Ray sales were still critical.

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel sales

Volume 15 of Tokyo Ravens was released on September 20, 2017, and sold approximately 23,000 copies. The latest light novel volume 16 that was released in 2018 sold around 20,000 copies. This series didn’t rank in any recent yearly sales report.

Well, the light novel sales are disappointing for a series with an anime adaptation. Not to mention the release speed is just one book per year. A good boost from anime would be something close to 50,000 sales per volume, and a proper release speed is 2-3 books per year.

Tokyo Ravens Merchandise Numbers

0 figmas available for Tokyo Ravens, so that means no Natsume or Harutora figure for people to purchase. There are also 40 goods for Tokyo Ravens like, for example, wall scrolls and posters, many mousepads, towels.

It’s pretty rare to find a series that has 0 figures. And the merchandise numbers are sad as well since they are terrible. I would expect at least 400 goods and 10-15 figures from a two cour anime adaptation that was successful.

The above are just the main methods an anime adaptation can generate profit, but there are more ways anime makes money. I won’t post all of them here because the rest are usually only a small piece of the profits. 

But here are a few examples for Tokyo Ravens – Soundtrack (OST), ending/openings songs sales, web radio, international license for Funimation, streaming on Hulu, various collaborations, and more.

Conclusion for Sales & Profit: The anime adaptation did poorly in terms of boosting the source material or even selling merch and Blu-Rays. That means there most likely was little or no profit made from this project for the production committee.

Popularity Information

Popularity Information

What we are interested in is if the series is still popular. That means looking at the official website, social media, Google trends, copies in print, new merchandise. That will help us learn the current popularity and activity of the Tokyo Ravens franchise as a whole in 2020.

Social Media

The official website for Tokyo Ravens is no longer available. This is unusual since when I was doing research even for some older series like Air Gear, the website was online. And the official twitter account for this franchise with 28,000 followers did tweet last time this year about Fantasia Heroine Calendar Book 2020.

Google Trends

Tokyo Raven’s popularity peaked in Mar 2014, according to Google, and after that, it just keeps dropping. The current searches are super low for the franchise. Even at the peak popularity, it was pretty small, so that’s not good news for Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Light Novels

I can’t find anywhere the number of copies in print for Tokyo Ravens, which is weird. It’s usually not hard to find them. I would say it’s at least 500,000 copies in print. There was also no new volume released in 2019, and that is a pretty bad signal for the franchise.


The series never got a single Figma announced, and there is not even one planned that I could find. For merchandise, the last piece of merchandise Tokyo Ravens got was in 2016, and after that, it’s utterly non-existent in terms of new goods.

Conclusion for Popularity: Well, it looks like Tokyo Ravens was never popular to begin even in 2014 when it was airing, which kind of surprises me since I always thought it had a decent fan-base.

Why There is No Tokyo Ravens season 2

Why There is No Tokyo Ravens season 2

Honestly, it looks like everything went wrong with this adaptation, from source material to sales and popularity. It sucks for fans that did support it with the hopes of season 2, but sometimes it does happen.

If we look at the source material, the first season of Tokyo Ravens used, then we can see that it was rushed with nine volumes for two cour adaptation. The Tokyo Ravens light novels are thick with around 400 pages each.

So I wonder how much did the anime skip because the average pace would be one book for five to four episodes. Tokyo Ravens used one book for 2,5 episodes on average.

As for the sales and popularity, I explained above why they aren’t sequel worthy. They are nowhere near what would a sequel need to get green-lit for a two cour anime, so there is no wonder there was no news about continuation for Tokyo Ravens.

Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2

I need to conclude that Tokyo Ravens season 2 will never get another season. The first season wasn’t that popular, and it failed to make a profit for the production committee. I can’t imagine a reason why they would order another season of Tokyo Ravens from studio Eight Bit.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 reminds me of Air Gear Season 2 since even that story wasn’t completely adapted, and I hope the same won’t happen with Accel World Season 2.

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