Will There Be Oregairu Season 4? (Updated In 2024)

Oregairu Season 4 is a highly anticipated sequel, fueled by the success and popularity of its three seasons in 2013, 2015, and 2020. So, it’s no surprise that fans are still wondering about the renewal of this anime for a fourth season.

Here is everything we know so far about the possibility of a new season of Oregairu and when it could potentially be released.

The anime series “Oregairu” is based on a popular and successful romantic comedy light novel of the same name, first published in 2011. The “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru” light novel series is written by Wataru Watari and illustrated by Ponkan8.

“Oregairu” is an exceptional slice-of-life anime series beloved by fans worldwide. It centers around the cynical and loner high schooler Hachiman Hikigaya, who is forced to join the Service Club by his teacher. There, he meets the cold and beautiful Yukino Yukinoshita and the cheerful and friendly Yui Yuigahama. Together, they help other students with their problems.

The anime television series My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has had three seasons. It was directed by Ai Yoshimura for the first season and Kei Oikawa for the second and third seasons. It was animated by Brain’s Base for the first season and Feel for the second and third seasons.

There has been no announcement on whether the studio and director will return for a potential new season of Oregairu.

The first 13-episode Oregairu television anime series premiered in Japan in April 2013. A second season of 13 episodes aired in April 2015. A third season of 12 episodes aired in July 2020, concluding the main story. So, can we expect Oregairu Season 4 Episode 1 or some other continuation?

Oregairu Season 3 Key Visual Art

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Will There Be A Season 4 of Oregairu?

Oregairu Season 4 is yet to be officially announced. However, the likelihood of additional episodes appears low as there is currently no remaining material in the light novel for adaptation. The last volume, Volume 14, was covered in Season 3, and the series ended in November 2019.

Adding to that is the anime’s popularity. Both Season 1 and Season 2 received critical acclaim. Season 3 received mixed reviews from fans. Some praised the finale, while others felt dissatisfied with the lack of closure for some characters. Still, It was a hugely popular anime since each season sold roughly 11,000 copies of Blu-ray disks, which is outstanding, so profit is no problem.

The biggest obstacle is the lack of source material. The three seasons of Oregairu have essentially covered all the content available in the light novel. The author has not announced any plans to continue the series in any form. Unless he decides to write a sequel or a spin-off, a new season is not coming.

Where to start reading Oregairu after the third season? The anime covered all of the volumes, start from volume 1 for a better version of the story.

So, if you want to experience the story the way it was meant to be, take a look at Oregairu light novel volume 1 in English.

The first season of Oregairu anime adapted volumes 1 to 6. The second season used volumes 7 to 11, season 3 used volumes 12, 13, and 14. The first season adaptation was the most rushed.

I highly recommend checking out My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected Light novels. Many fans prefer light novels over anime, and it is definitely a better way to get the full story.

I will update this post with any news or a release date for a new Oregairu anime project from the Oregairu official Twitter account or Crunchyroll.