AnimeNextSeason is a website focusing on anime that started in 2018. Our mission is provide anime fans with a great resource to check whether a new season of anime will happen or not. We do that with up-to-date information about sales and source material, and release dates.

This website focuses on providing valuable anime information and has only 1 category.

  • Anime Continue – This category is for people who wish to know if anime will have more seasons or if it’s over and why.

Also, this website does not accept guest articles or participate in link exchanges or anything like that. For questions and advertising opportunities, please use the contact page.

What inspired the creation of AnimeNextSeason?

In early 2018, the concept of a website dedicated to new anime seasons emerged. I was looking for information about Accel World Season 2, and all I found were low-quality websites.

Worse, most articles included inaccurate information or were of little use.

I enjoy analyzing anime sales and popularity, so I figured I might help anyone seeking that type of information.

That’s why the first post on this website is Accel World Season 2, and the two main categories on this website are new anime seasons and release dates.

About the author

MaskaThor is an enormous anime enthusiast that got into anime in 2003. He likes to analyze anime sales and writes about anime sequels. Currently at 900+ watches anime series.

The first anime series watched was Evangelion, and my current favorite anime is Re:Zero and Gintama. Emilia from Re Zero is my favorite female character, and the best male is Lelouch from Code Geass.