AnimeNextSeason is a trusted source for information on new anime seasons. The website was established in 2018. It focuses on all things about anime, but mainly anime sequels.

This website’s purpose is to inform anime fans about the possibility of new seasons and, if applicable, the release date for those seasons.

So if you are wondering if your favorite anime series will get more seasons and when the new season is coming out, then AnimeNextSeason.com is the website for you.

I provide this information by keeping track of sales, source material, release dates, rumors, and news.

Why was AnimeNextSeason created?

In early 2018, the concept of a website dedicated to new anime seasons emerged. I was looking for information about Accel World season 2, and all I found were low-quality websites.

Worse, most articles included inaccurate information or were of little use.

Since I enjoy analyzing anime sales, source material, and popularity, and I’m keeping up with news and rumors, I figured I might help anyone looking for that information.

That’s why the first post on this website is Accel World season 2 and why the only thing this website is known for is new season info and release dates.

About MaskaThor

MaskaThor Image

Hello, I go by MaskaThor, but my real name is Jan Varga. I’m the owner of this site, and I live in Slovakia. Nick is from when I was nine years old, and I liked the movie Maska and Thor from Stargate SG-1, so I just stuck those two together.

I started to watch anime when I was 13, and since then I watched more than 900 anime series, maybe even more, but I stopped tracking it for the past few years. Here is my MAL profile. I will update it one day, I promise.

My favorite anime is Re Zero, Steins; Gate, Accel World, and Gintama. Too many characters to list, but Emilia is my favorite female character, and Gintoki is for the male side. The best OST is from Accel World.

Since 2013, I’m analyzing anime sales, popularity, and source material information. So if you have any questions about anime, use the contact form.