One Punch Man Season 3 Information – Will it happen?

Did you know that it can take hours of rigorous research to learn everything about the possibility of One Punch Man Season 3 and when we can expect it?

Well, now you know, and you don’t need to waste time because I did it for you. This article will provide you with the best-detailed analysis of One Punch Man in 2019. And more importantly, answer the questions of if you should expect season 3 in the future.

So, here is some of the information you can learn from this article:

  • Is there a One Punch Man Season 3
  • How to determine if anime can get another season
  • Source Material Information
  • Sales Information
  • Popularity Information
  • Will there be One Punch Man Season 3

Is there a One Punch Man season 3?

One Punch Man season 3 has yet to be confirmed, so there is no official release date for this anime in 2019. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a continuation to One Punch Man, because that depends on a few factors that this article will answer.

What are the factors that determine if anime can get another season?

Anime sequels usually depend on source material, money, and popularity. There are plenty of other causes why continuation may not happen, but these are the three primary reasons. And here is a summary of why the three factors are so crucial to a series that wants to have another season:

Source Material – This one is important because most anime are just adapting from existing source material like manga or light novels. If there is nothing left to use or the adaptation did catch up to the source material, then it becomes a problem.

Money – One cour anime television series like One Punch Man can cost up to 3 million dollars to make. And if a series want’s to have a continuation it needs to earn back a lot more than the budget it did cost to produce.

Popularity – There is usually no point in making another season of anime that is not popular enough. Another season for anime only makes sense if it can create new fans or there is enough big fanbase to support it going forward.

One Punch Man season 3 source material information

What we need to look at in the source material is how many volumes are there and if the story is still ongoing. After that, we need to figure out how many books got used for the anime adaptation.

How many volumes of One Punch Man are there?

There are currently 20 manga volumes of One Punch Man released in Japan. One Punch Man also has Chapters 97 – 120 not yet in tankōbon format released. Shueisha publishes the chapters in Tonari no Young Jump magazine.

Is One Punch Man still ongoing?

The One Punch Man manga is still ongoing. The latest volume by the author One (Mob Psycho 100) was published in Japan on July 4, 2019. The author One (Mob Psycho 100) is writing the original manga, but Yusuke Murata draws it. The author wrote two books in 2019 so far.

Which manga volumes does the anime of One Punch Man cover?

 The first season of One Punch Man that aired in 2015 adapted volumes 1-7. The second season did use manga volumes 8-16. That means manga volume 17 continues after anime. So that gives us four books that can get used for OPM season 3. That isn’t enough for another season yet.

How to read the One Punch Man manga in English

Viz Media officially license the series for the English market so you can purchase them. The English translation of One Punch Man manga from Viz is already at volume 17, so they are not far from the Japanese version.

One Punch Man sales information

Sales and profit are probably the most important of all three factors for an anime continuation probability. If there is one reason why 95% of anime never get a season 3, it would be because the second season dropped a lot.

One Punch Man Blu-Ray Sales – One Punch Man average sales per volume are around 10,000 for the first season. The second season Blu-Ray did get delayed for two months. It will release on October 25, so I will update this later.

One Punch Man Manga Sales – I looked at the sales of the latest OPM manga volume 20, and it sold around 700,000 copies. OPM ranked in the top-selling manga in Japan by series in 2019 (first half) and sold approximately 1,800,000 copies.

One Punch Man Merchandise Sales –  85 figmas available for One Punch Man and 70% are Saitama nad Genos, and the rest is Garou, Tatsumaki. There are also 800 goods manufactured for One Punch Man. Here are a few examples of what you can find for this series: Keychains, Backpacks, T-Shirts, Jackets, Posters and wall scrolls, Wallets, and many more items. 

One Punch Man Games Sales – There were two new games announced for One Punch Man in 2019. One is for iOS and Android and one for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. I will update this next year with information about how well did they do.

Sales conclusion

The above are just the main methods an anime adaptation can generate profit, but there are more ways anime makes money. I won’t post all of them here because the rest are usually only a small piece of the profits.

But here are a few examples for One Punch Man – Soundtrack (OST), ending/openings songs sales, web radio, international license for Viz Media, streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, various collaborations, and more.

Blu-Ray – First season of One Punch Man had an excellent sales of Blu-Ray with around 10,000 copies per volume average. We will see how much did the BD sales drop from the first season later in the year. But streaming profit will make up for any drop in the disk.

Manga – The sales of the manga are fantastic. 700,000 volume is around MHA level of sales. It’s every year in the top 15 best selling manga per series. With just the manga sales per each year, it’s making a lot of profit.

Merchandise – The number of merchandise and figmas is excellent as well. I had personally expected a little bit more of merchandise since it’s OPM, but it’s still doing wonderfully. Now if we could get at least some nice Fubuki figmas.

Games – Not much to say about this considering the games are not yet out. But the name for the mobile one is One Punch Man: Road to Hero and the one for PC, PS, and Xbox is called One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

One Punch Man popularity information

What we are interested in is if the series is still popular and active. That means looking at the official website, social media, Google trends, copies in print, new merchandise, and stuff like that. That will help us understand the current popularity and activity of One Punch Man franchise after season 2.

Social Media – The official One Punch Man twitter account is posting almost daily, and already has more than 170k followers plus the official website is up-to-date as well. It’s the exact opposite of anime like Accel World.

Google Trends – Looking at Google trends the OPM season 2 was a lot less popular than season 1, but it’s still has a massive fanbase. The second opening song wasn’t nearly as popular as the first one.

Manga – In terms of manga, the series has currently 20,000,000 copies in print as of 07/2019. And there was just a new volume released in July 2019 that sold well. The sales didn’t improve much from OPM season 2, but I don’t think that matter much.

Merchandise – As for merchandise, the franchise is doing great. There are new figmas announced for One Punch Man plus plenty of new merchandise to pick from every month.

Will there be One Punch Man season 3

One Punch Man is just too big not to do another season. It prints money with how much popular it is especially in the west. It’s not a too big stretch to say it’s the most famous recent anime in the west.

One Punch Man season 2 wasn’t as a big deal as season 1 was, but it was still huge. Even if 20% of people dropped it, it would always have more significant popularity than 95% of all anime from each season.

The real question is the release date and if it will look more like season 1 than season 2 of One Punch Man. If I had to guess the release date, I would say late 2020 or more likely in 2021 is the most reasonable option.

And I hope the third season will improve at least the sound because that was the worst part for me in One Punch Man season 2. The fighting scenes need a lot of work as well since One Punch Man is action-packed anime.

Maybe the animation studio JS staff will deliver the anime in better animation quality next time, or Shingo Natsume will replace Chikara Sakurai as a director.

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