Will There Be One Punch Man Season 3? (Updated in 2022)

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Is One Punch Man season 3 confirmed? One Punch Man Season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed, so there is no release date for the third season of this anime series.

The question is, will there be a season 3 of One Punch Man? And when is One Punch Man season 3 coming out?

Here is everything we know so far regarding whether or not One Punch Man anime season 3 will happen in 2022, as well as a potential release date.

The anime series One Punch Man, known as Wanpanman in Japanese, is based on a successful manga.

The One Punch Man manga is written by One, but Yusuke Murata draws the manga.

One Punch Man is a fantastic superhero anime series with parody elements, so it’s no wonder that fans worldwide are asking if One Punch Man will have a season 3.

The main protagonist of this anime series is Saitama.

The story is about Saitama, who has trained himself to superhuman levels. Thanks to that, he suffers from an existential dilemma. He became too powerful to derive any joy from his fights.

How many seasons of One Punch Man are there? There have only been two seasons of the One Punch Man anime series and a prequel OVA about Saitama. So there is no season 3 of One Punch Man yet.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero, a prequel OVA for OPM, was released in 2015. It takes place before the events of the main story.

The first season of the One Punch Man anime, with 12 episodes, premiered in Japan in December 2015. Since then, this series has amassed a sizable fan base that is still hoping that One Punch Man will get a season 3.

Over the last six years, I’ve examined hundreds of anime sequels. Some examples are:

So continue reading if you want to learn if OPM will return for a new season and the likely One Punch Man Season 3 release date.

One Punch Man Season 3 - Key Visual

Will There Be A Season 3 Of One Punch Man?

We must look at two factors to determine if there will be a One Punch Man Season 3 and the likely One Punch Man Season 3 release date.

The first factor is the source material, and the second is how much profit the first two seasons made.

We will now examine both to see if One Punch Man will have a season 3 or not.

One Punch Man Season 3 Manga

For the One Punch Man anime, the source material is the manga.

How many volumes of One Punch Man are there? As of January 2022, there are 24 volumes of OPM.

Is the One Punch Man manga finished? The One Punch Man manga is ongoing, and the end is not in sight. It will take years before the One Punch Man manga catches up with the webcomic, and even then, the comic hasn’t ended yet.

Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21), the manga author, published the latest volume in Japan on December 3, 2021.

One Punch Man Volume 25 release date? The release date for volume 25 has yet to be confirmed, although it should be coming out in the first half of 2022.

Where to start reading One Punch Man after the end of season 2? One Punch Man manga after the second season is Volume 17.

So, if you want to continue the story from where the second season ended, have a look at One Punch Man Manga Volume 17 in English.

The first season adapted volumes 1 to 8, and the second season did 9 to 16. The third season should use volumes 17 to 24.

That means there is enough content for at least one more One Punch Man season in 2022.

I highly recommend checking out the One Punch Man manga. Many fans prefer manga over anime, and it is the only way to continue the story in 2022.

One Punch Man’s Profitability And Sales Figures

How well did the One Punch Man Blu-ray sell? The One Punch Man Blu-ray sold roughly 10,500 copies per disk for the first season. The second season dropped to only 1,300 copies sold.

The Blu-ray drop is pretty bad, but even the OPM manga is in decline.

How well does the One Punch Man manga sell? One Punch Man Volume 15 sold 750,000 copies, and the latest volume, 23, sold only around 375,000 copies. That is fine for 2021, but far from what this series used to sell.

The decline may be due to digital sales, but most of the drop in manga sales is likely due to slow-release speed.

How many copies does One Punch Man have in print? As of 2021/12/01, the One Punch Man series had 25,000,000 copies in print.

It is among the top 70 most popular manga series of all time.

How much merchandise is there for One Punch Man? There are more than 135 figurines, which is a good number. There are also more than 900 pieces of merchandise made for this series.

Less than 20% of all anime series get more than this.

Some of the figures are stunning, like this Saitama and this Tatsumaki figure. But this Genos Premium Figure looks the coolest.

I think it’s clear now that this series makes more than enough money to get a third season.

I highly recommend checking out One Punch Man merchandise if you’re a fan of the OPM series. There is some fantastic stuff made for this franchise.

One Punch Man Season 3 - Release Date

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

As of January 2022, One Punch Man Season 3 doesn’t have a release date as it is not confirmed yet. However, we should get some news about the third season of One Punch Man in 2022.

The earliest release date for One Punch Man season 3 is likely October 2022.

As shown above, there is more than enough source material for a third season, and this series makes a lot of money.

So a new season of One Punch Man is just a matter of time, so the OPM anime is not over. However, I don’t believe we will see it before 2023.

On average, it takes one to two years for a one-cour series to get a new season. That is why 2022 or early 2023 as a release date sounds about right.

The reason why the third season of One Punch Man is taking a little longer is simple. There was no source material for a third season until recently.

I also hope that whatever studio will work on OPM s3 will improve the animation and the overall quality of the anime adaptation for the next season.

I don’t think OPM season 3 will ever look as fantastic as the first, but it can be animated a lot better than the second season.

That’s why I’m hoping for a 2023 release date and that the production committee won’t hurry it without making sure it looks better, but I’m not holding my breath.

This year, we should know more about One Punch Man season 3. We should hear something about the third season in the next few months.

Check out the One Punch Man anime merch or One Punch Man manga if you wish to support the OPM series or continue the story.

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One Punch Man Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for One Punch Man season 3 or One Punch Man season 4 to watch, but we will update this page if one gets released on the official One Punch Man Twitter account.

On the other hand, here’s a trailer for the first season, which you should watch to recall how brilliantly animated the first season of OPM was.

One Punch Man Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
SaitamaMakoto Furukawa
GenosKaito Ishikawa
BangKazuhiro Yamaji
GarouHikaru Midorikawa
KingHiroki Yasumoto
TatsumakiAoi Yuuki

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorShingo Natsume, Chikara Sakurai
Series Composition, ScriptTomohiro Suzuki
Character DesignShuuhei Handa
StudioMadhouse, J.C.Staff

Last Thoughts

In summary, there will be One Punch Man Season 3. We should learn more about One Punch Man Season 3 in 2022. But don’t expect the release date for the third season to be any time soon. The earliest I could see it is October 2022.

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