Will There Be One Punch Man Season 3? (Best Information 2021)

One Punch Man season 3 will not happen unless the anime made a profit and there is enough source material for a third season left. So if there was no profit or material left, then two seasons, a few specials, and a prequel OVA are all One Punch Man will have.

So, in this article, we will look at the source material left for the third season. And the profit that the One Punch Man anime adaptation made. That will tell us if One Punch Man season 3 will happen and the possible release date.

One Punch Man season 3 episode 1 is something that many fans have been waiting for since 2019. And after reading this short but in-depth post, it will be clear to people if there will be a One Punch Man season 3 and the release date.

Source Material Information

One Punch Man Season 3 Source Material Information

For the One Punch Man anime, the source material is manga. And here is all the information that we need for One Punch Man Season 3.

It will tell us if there is enough source material for a second season. It’s important because that could prevent the sequel and the release date from happening.

  • Is the One Punch Man manga finished? – The One Punch Man manga is still ongoing. The author, One (Mob Psycho 100), released the latest volume on January 4, 2021.
  • How many volumes does One Punch Man have? – In Japan, One Punch Man has 23 manga volumes published. One Punch Man also has chapters 113–147 that are not yet in tankōbon format. Shueisha publishes the chapters in Tonari no Young Jump magazine.
  • What is the release speed of the One Punch Man manga? – Yusuke Murata released three new volumes In 2019 and only one in 2020. The original story is from One (Mob Psycho 100), but Yusuke Murata turns it into the manga most people read and buy.
  • Which light novels does the anime of One Punch Man cover? – The first season of the One Punch Man anime, produced in 2015 by Studio Madhouse, used volumes 1 to 7. The second season of OPM produced by J.C.Staff used books 9 to 16. And the OVA was an anime-exclusive prequel story.
  • How many copies are in print? – As of 12/2020, One Punch Man had 24,000,000 copies in print. That puts it within the top 75 best-selling manga of all time.

The One Punch Man manga by Shueisha is still getting published. The story has not ended yet, and volume 17 picks up where the anime left off. So there are no problems other than not enough source material.

There are seven manga volumes available for One Punch Man Season 3. That’s fewer books left to adapt for One Punch Man season 3 than for sequels like Classroom of The Elite Season 2 or No Game No Life Season 2. As a result, the source material will be a small problem.

SUMMARY: If there is more than one manga volume this year, there will be enough material for One Punch Man Season 3. But, currently, there is not enough.

Sales And Profit Information

One Punch Man Sales & Profit Information

We need to check if the second season of the One Punch Man anime was profitable and how well the series is doing in sales. If the anime failed to make a good profit, there would be no third season and no release date.

We will look at Blu-Ray sales, manga sales, and merchandise numbers. There are also a few games for this franchise.

That will tell us enough. After that, we will know if the second season of the anime made enough profit for One Punch Man Season 3.

  • Blu-Ray Sales for One Punch Man Anime – One Punch Man season one sold around 10,500 copies per Blu-Ray in Japan. The first season also got a BD-Box, which sold about 2,300 copies. The second season sold only 1,300 copies. The second season had an 80% drop in Blu-Ray sales.
  • Manga Sales for One Punch Man – Volume 22 sold around 400,000 copies in Japan, and volume 23 sold about 350,000. Any manga series that sells 350,000 copies or more per volume is doing great.
  • Figurines Numbers for One Punch Man – 130 figurines are available for One Punch Man. More than 70% of the total comes from Saitama and Genos. The rest are Garou and Tatsumaki. The numbers are impressive for figurines.
  • Merchandise Numbers for One Punch Man – About 900 items are available. That is a high number for a series with two seasons and one OVA. But, compared to My Hero Academia or other big Shōnen hits, it’s small.
  • One Punch Man Games Sales – The game One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows sold only around 10,000 copies in Japan. That isn’t good for popular Shōnen property. Furthermore, the steam reviews don’t seem very positive either.
  • One Punch Man Mobile Game – Version one of the One Punch Man: Road to Hero mobile game has already ended its service. It did get reissued as a 2.0 edition in late 2020. It made only roughly 700,000 dollars in April 2021.

The One Punch Man’s Blu-Ray sales for the second season are low, and the games are not doing much better. But there is a good amount of merchandise, and the manga and streaming are doing great. So the anime adaptation made a profit for Shueisha and the production committee.

I’m not going to share the rest because they usually don’t make a lot of money.

But there are also other ways the One Punch Man anime made money. The ending/opening songs, soundtrack, and foreign licensing for Viz Media. Then there’s Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Live Action Movie, various collars.

Also, if you are curious, I have collected the same information for plenty of other anime sequels. Like Overlord Season 4, Kenja No Mago Season 2, Konosuba Season 3, and Re:Zero Season 3.

SUMMARY: Sales and profits won’t be a problem for One Punch Man Season 3. The second season of One Punch Man made a lot of money from the anime adaptation.

Will One Punch Man have a Season 3?

Will One Punch Man have a Season 3?

One Punch Man has two seasons, an OVA, and a few specials, and there will be a third season. So, yes, One Punch Man season 3 episode 1 will happen. The odds of One Punch Man Season 3 getting a release date are high.

It’s hardly a leap to claim it’s one of the most popular recent anime in the western world. Only My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack on Titan are more popular.

So don’t worry about the One Punch Man Season 3 announcement because it will happen. The real question is the release date. If I were to predict it, I would say that the announcement would be in 2022 and the release date in 2023.

In 2021, you should not expect to hear anything about One Punch Man Season 3. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough source material yet.

Also, I hope that One Punch Man season 3 will get enough pre-production time. I doubt it will ever look as good as season one, but it could look a lot better. The second season of One Punch Man was a massive downgrade from the first one.

So it shouldn’t be hard to make it look better.

Let’s hope that the studio J.C.Staff will offer the anime at higher animation quality next time. Or a miracle will occur, and Shingo Natsume will be able to return to direct One Punch Man season 3.

Or a different studio will get their hands on it, such as MAPPA, Madhouse, or Bones.

I will update this post in 2022, and we will see. You can also check the official One Punch Man Twitter account. Or the official website for updates.

Conclusion One Punch Man Season 3 release date is a matter of time, not if it will happen. The announcement for One Punch Man season 3 should be around 2022 or 2023. I doubt we’ll hear anything about a sequel in 2021, but anything is possible.

Are you interested in any other sequels?

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