One Punch Man Season 3 Release – Everything We Know (June)

Get ready, anime fans! The long-awaited One Punch Man Season 3 is coming, reigniting the hunt for the Human Monster “Garou.”

Since 2015, superheroes have been a favorite target in popular anime shows. Join us as we explore everything you need to know about this thrilling new season of One Punch Man.

Based on a shounen manga series written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man (OPM) was an instant hit worldwide, with its fantastic animation and parody elements making it a series that fans wanted more of.

And fans were in for a treat when, in 2019, the series upped the ante with a captivating second season, this time done by J.C.Staff instead of Madhouse.

The series follows Saitama. He can defeat anyone with a single punch which is boring to him.

So he wants to find an opponent who can give him a challenge so that he can feel the thrill of battle once again. Let’s see if Garou can fill the bill.

It’s been years since the second season of this anime premiered in mid-2019, and fans have been wondering if this popular shounen anime will ever return for a third season.

Get ready to dive into all the details about One Punch Man Season 3. Keep reading to stay fully informed about the upcoming season.

First Key Visual For One Punch Man Season 3

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Will there be One Punch Man season 3?

Fans of One Punch Man, rejoice! We are thrilled to officially confirm the highly anticipated third season of the beloved series is coming.

One Punch Man Season 3 got announced on August 18, 2022, alongside a new visual drawn by Oath Kubota, the character designer for the anime’s first and second seasons.

Afterward, the official Twitter account for the series confirmed that they are working on the new season. However, no official announcement has been made yet regarding the studio involved.

We don’t know which studio will take the reins from J.C for One Punch Man Season 3. While many fans speculate that MAPPA may become the new studio, there is no official confirmation. It could be J.C. Staff again.

Also, we don’t know the number of episodes for the third season of One Punch Man. It’s likely to follow the 12-episode arc established in the first and second seasons.

So yes, One Punch Man will return for season 3, but that’s all we know.

When will One Punch Man Season 3 Release?

As of June 2023, One Punch Man season 3 doesn’t have a release date. However, we should get some news about the third season of One Punch Man’s release date in late 2023.

The earliest release date for One Punch Man season 3 is October 2023.

We’ll keep updating this page with the latest information on the release date, studio, and episode updates for One Punch Man season 3.

Is there a trailer for One Punch Man season 3?

At the moment, there is no trailer. However, we will update this page if a trailer, even if it’s just a teaser, is out. We can expect one in a few months.

In the meantime, as we wait for the third season trailer, here is an opening for season one. Let us hope the animation quality will be closer to season one rather than two.

YouTube video

Which Cast and Characters will return in Season 3?

While there is no exact release date yet, the show has confirmed the return of the core cast and crew for One Punch Man Season 3.

Cast Members:

  • Saitama: Makoto Furukawa (Japanese) / Max Mittelman (English)
  • Genos: Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese) / Zach Aguilar (English)
  • Tatsumaki: Aoi Yūki (Japanese) / Marieve Herington (English)
  • Bang (Silver Fang): Kazuhiro Yamaji (Japanese) / Kirk Thornton (English)
  • Fubuki (Blizzard): Saori Hayami (Japanese) / Laura Post (English)
  • King: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) / Chris Jai Alex (English)
  • Metal Bat: Wataru Hatano (Japanese) / Sean Chiplock (English)
  • Drive Knight: Youji Ueda (Japanese) / Mark Whitten (English)

Chikashi Kubota, the character designer for the anime’s first and second seasons, will again be tasked with designing the characters for the third season based on the key visual.

However, the director for the upcoming season has yet to get announced.

We will promptly update this information when the studio and staff details become available.

What will One Punch Man season 3 be about?

While the key visual provides glimpses of the new season of OPM, the focus and storyline of One Punch Man Season 3 are clear: it will revolve around Garou and the monster association.

The new One Punch Man season will continue adapting the manga series. A total of 28 volumes are out now.

The first season covered volumes 1 to 8, and the second covered books 9 to 16. So there is plenty of source material for the anime to explore and catch up on in the upcoming season.

In the closing moments of Season 2, we witnessed the monster association capturing Garou, and the S-class heroes have the additional challenge of dealing with the monster king, Orochi.

Considering these events, it is conceivable that Garou will play a central role in Season 3.

Saitama’s character will undoubtedly evolve as he will face numerous strong opponents, but he will end them all with his trademark serious punch.

Where to watch One Punch Man?

Fans in the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada can enjoy One Punch Man on the popular streaming service Crunchyroll and even on Netflix.

Crunchyroll has previously streamed the first two seasons of the anime, making it likely to stream season 3 as well.