Will There Be Akatsuki no Yona Season 2? (Best Information 2021)

Akatsuki No Yona season 2 will not happen unless the anime made a profit and there is enough source material for a second season left. So if there was no profit or material left, then one season and and 3 OVAs are all Akatsuki No Yona will have.

So, in this article, we will look at the source material left for the second season. And the profit that the Akatsuki No Yona anime adaptation made. That will tell us if Akatsuki No Yona season 2 will happen and the possible release date.

Akatsuki No Yona season 2 episode 1 is something many fans have been waiting for since 2015. And after reading this short but in-depth post, it will be clear to people if there will be an Akatsuki No Yona season 2 and the release date.

Source Material Information

Is There Material for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2?

For the Akatsuki No Yona anime, the source material is manga. And here is all the information that we need for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2.

It will tell us if there is enough source material for a second season. It’s important because that could prevent the sequel and the release date from happening.

Is the Akatsuki No Yona manga finished?

The Akatsuki No Yona manga is still ongoing. The author Mizuho Kusanagi released the latest volume on April 20, 2021.

How many Akatsuki No Yona manga volumes are there?

In Japan, Akatsuki No Yona has 35 manga volumes published. There was also a single novel called Yona of the Dawn: Under the Same Moon in 2015.

How often does the Akatsuki No Yona manga come out?

The author has been writing three new manga volumes per year for about eleven years in a row, which is impressive.

Where to start the Akatsuki No Yona manga after the anime?

The first season of the Akatsuki No Yona anime, by studio Pierrot, used volumes 1 to 8. The three OVAs used the whole volume 18 of the manga.

How many copies are in print?

As of 2021/04/20, Akatsuki no Yona had 13.000.000 copies in print. That puts it within the top 100 best-selling manga of all time.

The Akatsuki No Yona manga by Hakusensha is still getting published. The story has not ended yet, and volume 9 picks up where the anime left off. So there are no problems with the source material.

There are 26 manga volumes available for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2. That’s more books left to adapt for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 than for sequels like Konosuba Season 3 or No Game No Life Season 2. As a result, the source material will not be a problem.

SUMMARY: Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 will not have a shortage of source material. There’s enough for at least three more seasons.

Sales & Profit Information

How Much Money Did Akatsuki No Yona Make?

We need to check if the Akatsuki no Yona anime adaptation was profitable and how well the series is doing in sales. If the anime failed to make a good profit, there would be no second season and no release date.

We will look at Blu-Ray sales, manga sales, and merchandise numbers.

That will tell us enough. After that, we will know if the anime made enough profit for Akatsuki no Yona Season 2.

How many Blu-Rays did the Akatsuki No Yona anime sell?

Akatsuki no Yona sold around 3,000 copies per Blu-Ray in Japan. This series hasn’t received any BD-Box so far. Only 3,000 copies sold in 2015 isn’t the best for sequel chances.

How many copies does the Akatsuki No Yona manga sell?

Volume 34 sold around 125,000 copies in Japan, and volume 35 sold about 75,000 in the first week and didn’t rank after that. I did check older books, but the sales never passed 200,000. 100,000 per volume is considered okay, but it’s nowhere near other popular manga series.

How many figurines are there for the Akatsuki No Yona series?

0 figurines are available for Akatsuki no Yona, which means no figure for HakShin-ahJae-ha, or even Yona. Akatsuki no Yona is only the second series that I found that has 0 figures made for it. The first one is Tokyo Ravens.

How much merchandise did Akatsuki No Yona get?

About 333 items are available. The merchandise is doing pretty well so far, but I’d expect a bit more from a two-cour anime series with about six years to manufacture and sell products. It should be closer to 500 rather than 350,

Where does Akatsuki No Yona stream?

The international rights to this series went to Funimation. Akatsuki no Yona also streamed on Crunchyroll and some other platforms. Streaming wasn’t big in 2015, so Akatsuki no Yona didn’t make much money from that.

Akatsuki No Yona Collaborations

This series is getting plenty of collaborations even in 2021. Currently one is with some mobile game and one with a cafe in Japan.

Akatsuki No Yona’s Blu-Ray sales are not the best. The manga is doing fine, but it’s not a big hit. There’s also a decent amount of merchandise, but no figmas. So the anime adaptation didn’t make much of a profit for Hakusensha and the production committee.

I’m not going to share the rest because they usually don’t make a lot of money.

But there are also other ways the Akatsuki No Yona anime made money. The soundtrack, ending/openings songs, concerts, and more.

Also, if you are curious, I have collected the same information for plenty of other anime sequels. Like Noragami Season 3Kenja No Mago Season 2Overlord Season 4, and Goblin Slayer Season 2.

SUMMARY: Sales and profit will be a problem for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2. Akatsuki No Yona didn’t make a lot of money from the anime adaptation.

Will There Be Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 Conclusion

Will There Be Akatsuki no Yona Season 2

The production committee did not make a significant profit from the first season of Akatsuki No Yona. As a result, there is a small chance that the production committee will spend more money to produce Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 in 2021.

The first season of the Akatsuki No Yona anime wasn’t a huge hit, and it’s been more than six years since the first season aired.

I won’t give the Akatsuki No Yona season 2 a 0% chance of happening.

Because, thanks to streaming, most anime series can make a decent profit in 2021. And that is the main reason why season 2 never happened.

CONCLUSION: The chances of Akatsuki no Yona season 2 are close to 0%. So if you want to continue the story, I would say read the manga. The English translations are close to the Japanese version.

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