No Game No Life Season 2 Information – More Jibril When?

Did you know that it can take hours of rigorous research to learn everything about why No Game No Life season 2 didn’t happen yet and if there will be one?

Well, now you know, and you don’t need to waste time because I did it for you. This article will provide you with the best detailed analysis of No Game No Life in 2019. And more importantly, answer the questions of why there is no sequel and if you should expect one in the future.

So, here is some of the information you can learn from this article:

  • Is there a No Game No Life Season 2
  • How to determine if anime can get another season
  • Source Material Information
  • Sales Information
  • Popularity Information
  • Why there is no No Game No Life Season 2
  • Will there be No Game No Life Season 2

Is there No Game No Life season 2?

No Game No Life season 2 has yet to be confirmed, so there is no official release date for this anime in 2019. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a continuation to No Game No Life, because that depends on a few factors that this article will answer.

What are the factors that determine if anime can get another season?

Anime sequels usually depend on source material, money, and popularity. There are plenty of other causes why continuation may not happen, but these are the three primary reasons. And here is a summary of why the three factors are so crucial to a series that wants to have another season:

Source Material – This one is important because most anime are just adapting from existing source material like manga or light novels. If there is nothing left to use or the adaptation did catch up to the source material, then it becomes a problem.

Money – One cour anime television series like No Game No Life can cost up to 3 million dollars to make. And if a series want’s to have a continuation it needs to earn back a lot more than the budget it did cost to produce.

Popularity – There is usually no point in making another season of anime that is not popular enough. Another season for anime only makes sense if it can create new fans or there is enough big fan-base to support it going forward.

No Game No Life source material information

What we need to look at in the source material is how many volumes are there and if the story is still ongoing. After that, we need to figure out how many books got used for the anime adaptation.

How many volumes of No Game No Life are there?

There are currently ten light novel volumes of No Game No Life released in Japan. No Game No Life also has two manga series based on the light novels series. The first manga series has two books published, but it’s just retelling the original story in manga format, and the other one is a spin-off series called No Game No Life, Please!

Is No Game No Life still ongoing?

The No Game No Life light novels are still ongoing. The latest volume by the author Yuu Kamiya (Clockwork Planet) was published in Japan on January 25, 2018. The author wrote only 0 books in 2017 and 1 in 2018. And for 2019 there is for now no new volume announced.

Which light novels does the anime of No Game No Life cover?

The anime of No Game No Life that aired in 2015 adapted volumes 1-3. The movie No Game No Life Zero used the whole book 6. That means light novel volume 4 continues after anime. So that gives us six books that can get used for No Game No Life season 2. That should be enough for another season.

How to read the No Game No Life light novels in English

YenPress officially license the series for the English market so you can purchase them. The English translation of No Game No Life light novels from Yen Press is already at volume 9, so they are not far from the Japanese version.

No Game No Life sales information

Sales and profit are probably the most important of all three factors for an anime continuation probability. If there is one reason why 90% of anime never get a sequel, it would be because they didn’t make enough money back.

No Game No Life Blu-Ray Sales – The anime got released on six disks in Japan, and each sold on average around 9,000 copies. The series got a BD-Box on February 24, 2016, and it sold around 1,000 copies.

No Game No Life Light Novel Sales – Volume 9 of No Game No Life was released on August 25, 2016, and sold approximately 160,000 copies. The latest light novel volume 10 that was printed in 2018 sold around 170,000 copies. The series ranked in the top 10 Best-Selling Light Novels of 2018 with 350,000 copies sold.

No Game No Life Merchandise Numbers –  40 figmas available for No Game No Life and most of them are Schwi, Izuna, Stephanie, Jibril, and Shiro. There are also 500 goods for No Game No Life like, for example, shirts, towels, mugs, tapestry and more.

No Game No Life Movie Box Office – The box office for No Game No Life Zero movie is ¥700,000,000 so around 6,5 million dollars. The film also sold about 40,000 Blu-Ray copies in Japan. Sentai released the movie for the USA with an English dub.

Sales conclusion

The above are just the main methods an anime adaptation can generate profit, but there are more ways anime makes money. I won’t post all of them here because the rest are usually only a small piece of the profits.

But here are a few examples for No Game No Life – Soundtrack (OST), ending/openings songs sales, web radio, mobile game, international license for Sentai, streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu, various collaborations, and more.

Blu-Ray – Most anime series that sell close to 10,000 have an excellent chance to get a continuation. Only a few popular series can manage to have disks sell this much. 

Light Novel – The light novels aren’t a big moneymaker for No Game No Life, but they are still doing outstanding. By per volume sales, this franchise is in top 5 best sellers. Sadly it’s only one volume per every other year, and that won’t bring much money.

Merchandise – Well, the merchandise is doing well so far, and that is an excellent piece of information for season 2. The movie got a lot of love as well with merch and figmas.

Movie – It wouldn’t surprise me if the No Game No Life Zero movie did much better than Kadokawa anticipated. The movie could cost around 1,500,000 dollars to make and made back at least 5,000,000 in profit. The exact opposite of Accel World movie.

No Game No Life popularity information

What we are interested in is if the series is still popular and active. That means looking at the official website, social media, Google trends, copies in print, new merchandise, and stuff like that. That will help us understand the current popularity and activity of No Game No Life franchise.

Social Media  The official website for No Game No Life, was last updated in 2018 with news about Guidebook. And the official twitter account for this franchise with 120,000 followers did tweet last time in May 2019 about No Game No Life Yu Sasamiya Art Works.

Google Trends – No Game No Life popularity peaked in 2014, and after that, it just keeps dropping. The movie did bump the Google searches but to only 30% of what it was at the peak. The current searches are about 10% of what it was in 2014.

Light Novels – No Game No Life has 4.500.000 copies in print as of 02/2018. The latest No Game No Life Volume 10 got published last year in January. The release speed is awful with just two new volumes in the past four years.

Merchandise – There were recently few figmas announced for Shiro, Jibril, and Schwi, so that’s good. Merchandise is slowing down, but there are a few things announce recently like No Game No Life Zero Rubber Mat.

Why there is no No Game No Life season 2?

I believe the reason why there wasn’t season 2 announced for No Game No Life after the first season was because of the light novels. The release speed is just too slow, and that’s probably because the author is not healthy.

The decision to make the movie must have occurred in early 2016. And that’s because at that time there wasn’t material to continue the anime. Only six volumes were released, and the last one was a prequel story.

I think it was a smart idea to make the movie. It kept the franchise alive and made a good profit. And as I said above, I think the movie did much better than anyone expected from it.

Will there be No Game No Life season 2

Yes, I believe there will be No Game No Life season 2. It wouldn’t surprise me if No Game No Life Season 2 got announcement next year and air in 2021. There is source material now for continuing the anime if that was the problem.

Anime studios are busy these days, and that includes studio Madhouse. Even if the production committee did greenlit a sequel in 2018 after the success of the movie, it will take at least a few years since we can see something.

The series makes a toon of profit for the production committee, and the popularity is still there even though it’s not what it used to be. The popularity boost No Game No Life got from the movie is fading away. We can already see that in the merchandise.

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