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No Game No Life Season 2 Information

No Game No Life Season 2 was never officially announced, so there is no official release date for this anime in 2020. The first season aired in April 2014, but NGNL season 2 has yet to be confirmed. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a second season.

What are the odds that No Game No Life Season 2 will ever get announced?

Will No Game No Life Have A Season 2?

It doesn’t matter how much popular No Game No Life is because to get a sequel green-lit, it still needs to check three essential factors. And those are that there is enough available source material for a sequel, the anime made a profit, and it was popular.

To prove that No Game No Life will get a season 2, I need to show you the information about the source material, profit, and popularity of the franchise. I start with the source material analysis.

No Game No Life source material information

No Game No Life Source Material Information

There are only a few questions that we need answers for in the source material. The answers will tell us if the reason why there was so far nothing announced about a continuation for No Game No Life is in 2020 still present or resolved with the light novels.

How many volumes of No Game No Life are there?

No Game No Life Light Novels Released per Year

  • 2012 – 2 Volumes
  • 2013 – 3 Volumes
  • 2014 – 1 Volume
  • 2015 – 2 Volumes
  • 2016 – 1 Volume
  • 2017 – 0 Volumes
  • 2018 – 1 Volume
  • 2019 – 0 Volumes

There are currently ten light novel volumes of No Game No Life released in Japan.

No Game No Life also has two manga series based on the light novels series.

The first manga series has two books published, but it’s just retelling the original story in manga format.

And the other manga is a spin-off series called No Game No Life, Please!

The author wrote only one book in 2016 and 2018. I wonder if there will be another volume released in 2020.

Which light novels does the anime of No Game No Life cover?

The first season the No Game No Life anime that aired in 2014 adapted volumes 1-3. The movie No Game No Life Zero did adapt the whole book 6. That means light novel volume 4 continues after anime.

Is No Game No Life still ongoing?

The No Game No Life light novels are still ongoing. The latest volume by the author Yuu Kamiya (Clockwork Planet) was published in Japan on January 25, 2018.

Conclusion for Source Material – Six books of No Game No Life are yet not adapted into anime in 2020. That should be enough for another season, considering the first season used only 3.

No Game No Life sales information

Sales Information

In the sales section, critical information is the profit for both the tv series and the movie. If the movie did poorly in the box-office, then that could affect the probability of continuation of the main series.

If you want an example, look at Accel World. The main series did well, but the movie did bomb. Another good example where the movie ruined the whole series is the Seven Deadly sins franchise.

No Game No Life Blu-Ray Sales

The anime got released on six disks in Japan, and each sold, on average, around 9,000 copies. The series got a BD-Box on February 24, 2016, and it sold around 1,000 copies.

Most anime series that sell close to 10,000 have an excellent chance to get a continuation. Only a few popular series can manage to have Blu-ray selling this much, so in this case, the sales are superb.

Good BD sales are a reliable indicator of series profitability, but they are not required in 2020 for a sequel. Streaming is the new king for most big anime. Series like OPM can even bomb in disk sales, but there will still be more One Punch Man because of how many people will stream it.

No Game No Life Light Novel Sales

No Game No Life Light Novel Copies Sold Per Year

  • 2014 – 594,667
  • 2015 – 326,179
  • 2016 – 562,187
  • 2017 – 225,000
  • 2018 – 350,960
  • 2019 – 125,000

Volume 9 of No Game No Life was released on August 25, 2016, and sold approximately 160,000 copies.

The latest light novel volume 10 that was published in 2018 sold around 170,000 copies.

The light novels aren’t a big moneymaker for No Game No Life, but they are still doing outstanding.

By per volume sales, this franchise is in the top 5 best sellers.

No Game No Life Merchandise

Figmas / Goods Numbers Comparison for Anime Series

  • Accel World
  • 100 Figmas / 250 Goods
  • No Game No Life
  • 45 Figmas / 500 Goods
  • Kenja no Mago
  • 3 Figmas / 140 Goods
  • One Punch Man
  • 85 Figmas / 800 Goods
  • Sword Art Online
  • 428 Figmas / 4200 Goods

Forty-five figmas available for No Game No Life, and most of them are Schwi, Izuna, Stephanie, Jibril, and Shiro.

There are also 500 goods for No Game No Life like, for example, shirts, towels, mugs, tapestry and more.

The merchandise is doing well so far, and that is excellent for improving the chances that the No Game no Life season 2 will get green-lit.

The movie got a lot of love as well with merch and figmas. That doesn’t usually happen with anime movies.

I’m honestly surprised how many figmas are still being made for this series, even in 2020. It’s been three years since the movie aired in 2017, but just this year, there were six new figmas announced.

No Game No Life Movie Box Office

The box office for No Game No Life Zero movie is ¥700,000,000, so around 6,5 million dollars. The film also sold about 40,000 Blu-Ray copies in Japan.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the No Game No Life Zero movie did much better than Kadokawa anticipated. The movie could cost around 1,500,000 dollars to make and made back at least 2,500,000 in profit.

The above are just the main methods an anime adaptation can generate profit, but there are more ways anime makes money, but usually, those are only a small piece of the profits.

Here are a few examples for No Game No Life – Soundtrack (OST), ending/openings songs sales, web radio, mobile game, international license for Sentai, streaming on Crunchyroll, and Hulu, various collaborations, Yen Press sales of the English light novels and more.

Conclusion for Sales – The franchise makes a lot of money, so profitability shouldn’t stand in the way of a sequel either. And I don’t see season 2 losing money unless the popularity dropped for the franchise.

No Game No Life popularity information

Popularity Information

It’s been six long years since the first No Game No Life season aired, so is the franchise still popular and active? Did the movie No Game No Life Zero that aired in 2017 help with popularity?

For that, we will look at the official website, social media, Google Trends, copies in print, new merchandise.

Social Media

The official website for No Game No Life was last updated in 2018 with news about Guidebook. And the official twitter account for this franchise with 121,000 followers did tweet last time in May 2019 about No Game No Life Yu Sasamiya Art Works.

Google Trends

No Game No Life popularity peaked in 2014, and after that, it just keeps dropping. The movie did bump the Google searches but to only 30% of what it was at the peak. The current searches are about 10% of what it was in 2014.

Light Novels

No Game No Life has 4.500.000 copies in print as of 02/2018. The latest No Game No Life Volume 10 got published last year in January. The release speed is awful, with just two new volumes in the past four years. I hope 2020 will look better for the light novels.


At WonFes in 2020, there few new scales figmas announced for Shiro, Jibril, and Schwi, so that’s good. Merchandise is slowing down, but there were a few things released recently like a new No Game No Life Zero Rubber Mat.

Conclusion for Popularity – The series is still popular, and the movie helped with boosting it, but if there is one thing that concerns me, it’s the light novels.

Why there is no No Game No Life season 2?

Why There Is No No Game No Life Season 2

It’s rather safe to say that No Game No Life is a popular series that made a lot of money for the production committee, as proved above. So the reason why there wasn’t season 2 announced for No Game No Life after the first season announced was because of the light novels.

The decision to make the movie must have occurred in early 2016. And that’s because at that time there wasn’t material to continue the anime. Only six volumes were released, and the last one was a prequel story.

I learned that the author has some health problems in one of the articles that I did read. That’s why the release speed is so slow for the light novels. I think it was a smart idea to make the prequel movie. It kept the franchise alive and made a fantastic profit.

I think the movie did much better than anyone expected from it. It did almost as good as the Konosuba movie.

Will there be No Game No Life season 2

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2

I genuinely believe there will be No Game No Life season 2. It wouldn’t surprise me if No Game No Life Season 2 got an announcement next year or 2021 and air year later. There is source material now for continuing the anime if that was the problem.

Anime studios are busy these days, and that includes studio Madhouse. Even if the production committee did greenlight a sequel in 2018 after the success of the movie, it would take at least a few years since they will say anything about the release date.

The series makes a toon of profit for the production committee, and the popularity is still there. That means the only way the series won’t get another season would be because of the source material.

Kadokawa probably doesn’t want to spend money on a series that doesn’t have anything to promote. I don’t know what health problems the author is suffering from, but I hope there will be volume 11 published in 2020.

Do you think we will get No Game No Life announcement in 2020? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested!

Also, let me know if you would like to read about any other sequels or continuations.

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