Log Horizon Season 4 – What We Know So Far

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The fan favorite anime “Log Horizon” wrapped up its Season 3 run in March 2021, leading many to wonder if another was on the way and, if so, when they could expect it.

For anyone just now catching up, “Log Horizon” is an isekai style anime, which is an anime genre in which the main character, or in this case, characters, are magically transported to another world. In the case of “Log Horizon,” most of the show’s most prominent characters are regular people trapped in the fictional online video game they play together, “Elder Tale.”

The anime series “Log Horizon” is based on a popular and successful fantasy light novel of the same name, first published in 2010. The “Log Horizon” light novel series is written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara.

“Log Horizon” is an exceptional fantasy isekai anime series beloved by fans worldwide. It centers around the journey of Shiroe, a veteran gamer who is trapped in the online game world of Elder Tale along with thousands of other players. He forms a guild called Log Horizon and tries to restore order and civilization in the chaotic new world.

The anime television series Log Horizon has only had three seasons. It was directed by Shinji Ishihira and Toshizo Nemoto and animated by Satelight for the first season and Studio Deen for the second and third seasons.

There has been no announcement on whether the studio and director will return for a potential new season of Log Horizon.

The first 25-episode Log Horizon television anime series premiered in Japan in October 2013. A second season in October 2014. A third season in January 2021. So, can we expect Log Horizon Season 4 Episode 1 or some other continuation?

Log horizon Season One Key Visual

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Will There Be A Season 4 Of Log Horizon?

Log Horizon season 4 is yet to be officially announced. However, the likelihood of additional episodes appears high as there is still plenty of material in the web novel for adaptation. The last volume, Volume 13, was covered in Season 3, and the series is still ongoing.

Adding to that is the anime’s popularity among fans. Both Season 1 and Season 2 received positive reviews. Season 3, titled “Fall of the Round Table”, also generated a lot of buzz and excitement, despite being delayed due to the pandemic. The web novel, manga, and streaming, as well as some merchandise and games are making a good profit for more seasons.

Still, the main challenge stems from the production schedule. The gap between Season 2 and Season 3 was over five years, partly due to the author’s legal issues and health problems. The web novel has also been updated irregularly, with only half of Volume 14 completed so far, so unless the author resumes writing the light novel series, a new season is not coming.

Where to start reading Log Horizon after the third season? Log Horizon light novel after the third season is Volume 14, but It’s currently on hiatus.

So, if you want to continue the story from where the third season ended, take a look at Log Horizon Light Novel Volume 14 in English once it’s out.

The first season of Log Horizon anime adapted volumes 1 to 5, season 2 adapted volumes 6 to 10, and season 3 adapted volumes 11 to 13, so season 4 should adapt volumes 14 to 16.

I highly recommend checking out Log Horizon light novel. Many fans prefer light novels to anime, and you can reread the story in more detail while waiting for the next season.

I will update this post with any news or a release date for a new Log Horizon anime project from the official Log Horizon Twitter account or Crunchyroll.

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