Will There Be Re Zero Season 3?

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Re Zero Season 3 has yet to be confirmed. The same goes for the release date of season 3 of Re Zero.

Will there be Re Zero Season 3, and when is Re Zero Season 3 coming out?

In this post, you will learn if we will get the Re Zero anime Season 3 announced in 2022 and what the most likely release date for the third season is.

But first, A few words on Re Zero Story:

Re Zero is a fantastic isekai anime series with psychological and time-travel elements.

The main protagonist of this anime series is Subaru Natsuki.

The story follows Subaru Natsuki, a teenager who finds himself in a fantasy world. After arriving, he tries to help a half-elf, Emilia.

That doesn’t work out for him. He gets killed and revived hours before that.

How many seasons are there?

Re Zero has two seasons.

Re Zero had 25 episodes in its first season. The second season was a split cour. The first part in 2020 had 13, and the second one in 2021 had 12 episodes.

Re Zero has two OVAs as well. The first OVA, Memory Snow, takes place around episodes 11 and 12. It’s more of a slice-of-life comedy episode.

The second OVA, The Frozen Bond, is a prequel and focuses on Emilia and Puck.

So now, let’s figure out if Re Zero will have a season 3 and the Re Zero Season 3 release date.


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How Can We Figure Out If There Will Be Re Zero Season 3?

Many fans want to know if Re Zero will get a Season 3 and when the new season is coming out, so they can watch Re Zero Season 3 Episode 1.

We need to check the light novel and sales to figure out if Re zero is getting a third season in 2022.

Checking the light novel is important because there needs to be enough light novel volumes left to adapt, or we won’t get the third season.

Profit is even more important.

Kadokawa will only green-light a new season of Re Zero if the second season of Re Zero made a nice profit.

With 95% accuracy, Re Zero light novel status and profit information will tell us whether a third season will happen and the possible release date.

So read this post to get the best and latest information for Re zero season 3 and the release date.

You will learn if Re Zero season 4 will follow as well.

Let’s start with the source material.


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Re Zero Season 3 Manga & Light Novel

The Re Zero anime, known as Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu in Japan, is based on a successful light novel.

The Re Zero light novel series author is Tappei Nagatsuki, but it’s illustrated by Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka.

How many volumes are there?

There are 29 volumes published in Japan for Re Zero light novel.

There is a Re Zero manga, five side-story volumes, and six short story collections as well. The manga is only at arc 4, way behind the light novels.

is Re Zero Light Novel finished?

No, not even close. Re Zero light novel is still ongoing in 2022.

Tappei Nagatsuki, the author, published the latest volume in Japan on March 25, 2022.

Re Zero light novel volume 30 release date is June 2022.

Re Zero season 3 Light Novel

The light novel for Re Zero Season 3 begins with volume 16 or Arc 5.

The first season of Re Zero adapted volumes 1 to 9, and the second one did volumes 10 to 15.

Re Zero season one adapted arcs 1 to 3, and the second season adapted arc 4, so the start of season 3 is arc 5, which begins at volume 16 and ends at volume 20.

There are enough light novel volumes for at least two more Re Zero seasons in 2022. So, the source material isn’t a problem for a new season.


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Re Zero Profitability for season 3

There’s one main reason 90% of anime series will only get one or two seasons.

Most anime series don’t make enough money and profit.

So looking at Re Zero profitability and sales figures is essential.

How well did the Re Zero Blu-ray sell?

The Re Zero Blu-ray sold 12,000 copies per disk for the first season.

The second season sold 5,000 copies on average.

Blu-ray sales dropped by 60% compared to the first season. That is normal.

Because of streaming, people aren’t purchasing as many Blu-Rays as they used to.

How well do the Re Zero Light Novels Sell?

Re Zero volume 28 sold around 33,000 copies, and the latest volume 29 sold 31,000 copies, which is not bad for 2022.

The light novel sales are decent, even if not the best for such a popular series.

The second season had no positive effect on light novel sales.

They continue to decline with each new volume.

How many copies does Re Zero have in print?

As of 2021/12/22, the Re Zero series had 11,000,000 copies in print.

In Japan, it’s among the top 15 most popular light novel series, at least by copies sold.

It will never reach the top 5 since light novel sales aren’t the best, but I can see it getting into the top 10 considering how long this series will be.

How Much Merchandise did Re Zero get?

There are more than 625 figurines, which is insane.

There are also more than 3,600 pieces of merchandise made for this series.

That is a fantastic amount.

After only two seasons, Re Zero has received more merchandise than most anime series get in a lifetime.

This series made enough profit to get a few more seasons, so money and profit will not be an issue for Re Zero Season 3.


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Will There Be A Season 3 Of Re Zero?

Season 3 will take the story forward and continue the anime from season two. The only question is when it’s coming out since there will be a Re Zero Season 3.

So, it’s only a matter of time until we get the new season of Re Zero, and Re Zero Season 3 Episode 1 will be released on Crunchyroll.

The more interesting question is, when is the third season of Re Zero coming out? Now let’s look at the most likely release date.

Also, learn if there will be:

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

The earliest Re Zero season 3 release date is in 2023, but it’s starting to look more and more like we will need to wait until 2024 for the third season of this anime.

On average, it takes two years for a two-cour series to get a new season. That is why 2023 is when I would expect it to come out.

However, in the case of Re Zero, we may get the third season in early 2024. The reason for that is the studio, White Fox.

White Fox lost a lot of staff members, and even the animation producer who worked on both seasons of Re Zero, Tsunaki Yoshikawa, left.

We can all agree that season two looked worse than season one. And the problem is that for season 3 of Re: Zero to be successful, great animation is needed. It has more action than the previous two seasons combined.

Given all of the talent that has departed White Fox in recent years, White Fox is unlikely to give Re Zero season 3 the adaptation it needs. White Fox could always work with another studio, or find a lot of freelancers, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In other words, assuming White Fox can still produce season 3, 2023 is the most likely release date, but if there is a new studio for Re Zero, 2024 is more realistic.

The bad news is that Re Zero doesn’t have a stage at Anime Japan this year.

So, the next best hope for the third season announcement is the Isekai Quartet movie, if it comes out in the first half of 2022.

I will update this post if there is any news regarding the third season on the official Re Zero Twitter account.

In conclusion, there will be a Re Zero Season 3, and we should get the announcement this year or early in 2023 in the worst case.

Check out the Re Zero anime merch to support the Re Zero franchise or the Re Zero Light Novels to continue the story after anime.

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Re Zero Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for Re Zero season 3 or Re Zero season 4 to watch because there is no third season announced yet in 2022.

Here’s a trailer for the Frozen Bonds OVA, which you should watch because it’s a canon story about Emilia and Puck that takes place before the events of Season 1.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Frozen Bond | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2

Re Zero Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
SubaruYuusuke Kobayashi
EmiliaRie Takahashi
RemInori Minase
RamRie Murakawa
BeatriceSatomi Arai
RoswaalTakehito Koyasu

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff PositionStaff
DirectorMasaharu Watanabe
Series Composition, ScriptMasahiro Yokotani
Character DesignShinichirou Ootsuka
StudioWhite Fox

Last Thoughts

Hopefully, now you know if there will be a Re Zero Season 3 release date or even a Re Zero Season 4 release date. We will see if we get news in 2022 about a new season of this anime.

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