Will There Be March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3? (Updated in 2023)

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 is a highly anticipated sequel, thanks to the success and popularity of its first two seasons in 2017 and 2018.The series quickly established itself as one of the best coming of age drama stories, amassing a massive fan base waiting for a new season for over 5 years now.

The anime series ‘March Comes in Like a Lion,’ also known as 3-gatsu no Lion, is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Chica Umino. The story revolves around Rei Kiriyama, a shogi player, who left his foster family to live alone in Shinkawa, with the Kawamoto sisters as his friends.

Many fans have been wondering if there will be more episodes of the March Comes in Like a Lion anime. Here is the latest information available regarding a potential third season in 2023. Have there been any recent news or official updates confirming the release of season 3?

Will There Be A Season 3 Of March Comes in Like a Lion?

March Comes in Like a Lion season 3 is yet to be officially announced. However, it seems very likely we will get more episodes of the series, given the anime’s decent Blu-ray sales and fantastic manga sales. The possibility is undeniably there for a third season.

March Comes in Like a Lion anime has been a financially successful series. Season 2 had decent sales, with more than 1,600 copies sold per Blu-ray, and the latest manga volume 17, sold more than 450,000 copies. Also, there are plenty of figures and more than 400 pieces of merchandise made for the series.

When it comes to the release date, I have no doubt that we will see March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Episode 1 come out. Once studio Shaft is done with the ‘Madoka Magica Movie 4’ and ‘Kizumonogatari’ movie, they will hopefully find time for us March Comes in Like a Lion fans.

Where to Start Reading The Manga?

The first two seasons of the ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ anime cover manga volumes 1 to 9. As of now, only up to volume 3 is translated into English, but If you want to continue the story beyond what the first two seasons adapted, look for ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Manga Volume 10 in English.

The March Comes in Like a Lion manga is not yet complete, but there is a clear plan for its conclusion. The author, Chika Umino, revealed that the manga is heading toward its final chapters. She expressed her commitment to doing her best during this final phase and asked readers to continue supporting her.

I highly recommend checking out the March Comes in Like a Lion manga. While it’s disappointing that only 3 out of 17 volumes are available in English, for a long time, there was no official translation.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, the prospects for ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Season 3 look promising, but nothing is guaranteed until it’s officially confirmed. The best thing we can do is support the franchise while we await the Season 3 announcement, which we hope will come next year.

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