Will There Be Shield Hero Season 4? (Updated in 2023)

So far, Shield Hero Season 4 has not been officially announced, so there is no confirmed release date for the fourth season of this anime. However, fans are wondering if this anime will be renewed for a fourth season.

Here is everything we know so far about the possibility of a new season of Shield Hero and when it could potentially be released.

The anime series Shield Hero, is based on a popular and successful Isekai light novel of the same name, first published in 2013. The Rising of The Shield Hero light novel series is written by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Seira Minami.

Shield Hero is a fantastic dark fantasy isekai anime series loved by people worldwide, which follows Naofumi Iwatani, the shield hero. He leads his party which includes Raphtalia and Filo. Together, they must defeat Waves of Calamity to save the world.

The anime television series Shield Hero has had three seasons so far, each directed by a different director and animated by Studio Kinema Citrus. The first season was directed by Takao Abo, the second by Masato Jinbo, and the third by Hitoshi Haga.

There has been no announcement on whether the studio or any of the directors will return for a potential new season of Shield Hero.

The first 25-episode Citrus television anime series premiered in Japan in January 2019. The second season in April 2022, and the third one in October 2023. A fourth season has yet to be announced. So can we expect Shield Hero Season 4?

Shield Hero Season 3 Key Visual Art

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When Is Shield Hero Season 4 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Shield Hero Season 4 does not have a release date. The anime’s studio, Kinema Citrus, has not yet announced whether it’s working on a fourth season, so there’s nothing to look forward to as far as a sequel for this anime.

The third season of the Shield Hero anime aired in 2023, and a new season usually takes 2 to 3 years to be announced. So we should hear something about a fourth season in 2024 or 2025, there is plenty of material left, so they don’t need to wait for that.

So Shield Hero Season 4 will likely happen. The Blu-ray sales are only 1,200 copies sold per disk. However, there is a decent amount of merchandise and figures, the light novel is doing well in the West, and Crunchyroll is paying for it mostly anyway.

We will update this post if there is any news or a release date for a new Shield Hero anime project on the Shield Hero official Twitter account.

The anime covered 12/13 volumes. Vol 13 of the Shield Hero light novel picks up right after where the anime ended. So, if you want to continue the story from where the anime ended, have a look at Shield Hero light novel volume 13 in English.

I highly recommend checking out the Shield Hero Light Novel. There is also a manga series and a spin-off, so check that as well, they are different from the novel.